Paperbacks & Postcards

I’ve known that the Locally Laid book was dropping in paperback on Tuesday, February 28th for a while, but even so — it’s rather snuck up on me. It was months ago that my lovely peeps at Penguin Random House were going back and forth on covers.

And despite all you’ve heard about heartless big publishing houses, everyone was receptive to my input. When shown a softcover mock up and I suggested an image that was more playful, boy did they HEAR ME.  Here are the results below:


That chicken clearly knows how to party.

It’s great to hear from readers and I often get messages wishing I could sign someone’s book — either a gift for an across-the-country friend with birds or just one’s own. So while I’m not slated to tour America any time soon, how about this.


Message me and I’ll mail you one of five Locally Laid farm postcards, which I’ll sign for use as a bookmark. In exchange, talk to your grocery about carrying more local food (not necessarily eggs, just something edible produced in your region) or you could write an Amazon or Goodreads review. Or send me a photo of you with your postcard or your chicken or house cat with your postcard. Or if you’d rather not, that’s okay. I’m rather a pushover.

You can message me on Facebook or drop me an email at [email protected]

Thanks to all of you that have read the book, holding me in your head for some 6 or so hours, and made it so the hardcover went into trade paper.

With gratitude,


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