Wanna Play Locally Laid?

We are grateful to have strong demand for our eggs and more importantly, our Earth and hen-friendly methods of farming.

Locally Laid is growing its farm partnerships. We feel that’s due to the strength of our product and company ethos. Our brand and values – local food, hens foraging and exercising on pasture, lower carbon footprint distribution and environmental stewardship resonate with a large cross section of the American public. (Ok, our sassy and memorable name doesn’t hurt either.)

We want to change the way eggs are produced in this country. Big words for a little chicken, huh?

One way is by working with farmers who want to raise eggs to our pasture-raised standards, distribute locally and license (rent) the Locally Laid brand. These farmers will create what’s known as “value chains,” seeking out and working with non-GMO corn growers, feed mills, farm suppliers and grocers & restaurants in their region. Because, as the late Sen. Paul Wellstone said, “We all do better when we all do better.”

Additionally, we’re interested in working with farmers who want to do what they do best – create Real Food -and leave the sales & marketing to us via contract production. Just as one doesn’t expect every salesperson to know how to farm, not every farmer wants to be out selling her/his wares.

If you know of a feed mill in your hometown that’s interested in creating our higher-quality line of backyard chicken feed, we’d enjoy hearing from you.

If you’re a grocer, distributor, producer or egg processor looking to bring Locally Laid eggs to your hometown, please drop us a line at jason (at)

If you’re a consumer, thank you for voting with your dollars by supporting local farms and businesses in your area. Again, we all do better when we all do better.

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