Locally Laid Egg Company introduces ag tourism: A vacation for the Farm Curious!

Locally Laid Egg Company is SOMEHOW entering its 10th year of sassy egg-riculture!

We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary (we hardly believe it ourselves), so we’re having a sleepover! We launched “AirB-n- BAWK!” – an experience for the farm-curious traveler.

Guest Farmers stay in our contemporary, 10x 20 tree house, The Perch – built 6 feet up for an excellent pasture view, or our budget-friendly, private bunkhouse –, we have a solar bunkhouse, The Nest. This immersive experience structure, located directly ON the pasture, is part living space/ part chicken coop. Large windows divide the sections giving guests a “Peep Show” (rated P for Poultry) when bunking with the birds.

This “Choose Your Own Adventure” stay can include:

•          Feeding & watering pasture-raised poultry

•          Freeing the chickens at daybreak

•          Moving paddock fencing

  • Overseeding clover

•          Gathering eggs

•          Overseeding clover and spraying the jet-pack waterer

•          Washing them with our vintage 1952 egg washer

•          Packing them in special “PERCH” logo’d  6-pack cartons

•          Putting the birds to bed – bonus points for singing to them!

•          Befriending the old farm dog, Carmen (that’s a given)

•          Enjoying a relaxing country cabin

•          Biking nearby network of trails

•          And, of course, mucking coops. (It’s chicken-shiz-taskic!)

“This would have really helped us when we thinking of starting our venture,” says co-owner Lucie Amundsen. “To have advice on not just farming and running a business, but also understanding the whole distribution and egg’onomic challenges of running a mid-sized farm.

There is a real lack of mentoring in the ag sector, so perhaps this experience will help people clarify that they should move forward with their poultry dreams or it will serve as farm contraception. Either way, it’s valuable information.”

When not tending the flock, the farm’s proximity to bike trails that feed into the Willard Munger State Bike Trail, the charming town of Carlton, Jay Cook State Park (with gorgeous views and swimming holes), St. Louis River and a reasonable drive to the beaches, trails and nightlife of Duluth will make for an active vacation. Or one just lounging by the campfire.  

All these experiences are included with a 2-day minimum stay in the Perch and no minimums for The Nest bunkhouse. Farm stand experiences will be Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.