Why Pay More For Eggs?

Our local chicks are better. Here's why:

  • Non-GMO corn in our feed,
  • Sold only within a farm’s locality to reduce food miles,
  • Hens outside on rotated pasture everyday, (weather permitting)
  • Strong yolk integrity and whites that stand tall in the cooking process
  • Mother Earth News study shows higher nutrition from eggs raised in this manner.
  • Our eggs are “Micro-Brood” in sustainable flock sizes for better hen health and happiness,
  • And our name is funny.

Plus, our eggs taste like the ones from your childhood because our girls run and eat salad – and a healthier hen lays a healthier egg.

Gotta tell ya, my brunch cook is lovin’ these eggs. He hasn’t had a single broken yolk, says they poach perfectly, and they stand an inch tall when cooked. All due to strong egg whites. Really glad to have you around.
Daniel Heintz
Manager, Zeitgest Arts Cafe