Cartons come home to roost?

CARTONS – Supply Chain Blues EditionHave some of these handsome cartons laying around?

We NEED ’em! We’re all tired of the labor & supply chain shortage mantra, but this time the CHICKEN SHIZ HAS HIT THE COOP — and we’re struggling to source our packaging.

We’ve been playing a shell game (pun entirely intended) moving cartons, and running to our producers for whatever small orders they can give us. And it’s starting to impact our ability to meet orders.

Not to mention it’s making Jason SUPER CRANKY – on hold forever with suppliers, delivery services, or figuring out how we can pick up cartons ourselves. So (once again), we’re turning to you to ask a favor.

Could you kindly bring your cartons to Duluth Whole Foods Co-op (Not the corporate store).

And please thank the friendly Whole Food peeps — this is an extra effort for them. We’re trying to find a Twin Cities location to take them – we’ll keep you posted.