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  • Real talk about small business

    REAL TALK FROM SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS [Editorial Note: A number of businesswomen came together to put these thoughts on paper. Not every thought applies as equally to some businesses as others. However, in aggregate, it paints an accurate picture of small business ownership. – Lucie of Locally Laid Egg Company] This past February, one of […]

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  • Cartons come home to roost?

    CARTONS – Supply Chain Blues EditionHave some of these handsome cartons laying around? We NEED ’em! We’re all tired of the labor & supply chain shortage mantra, but this time the CHICKEN SHIZ HAS HIT THE COOP — and we’re struggling to source our packaging. We’ve been playing a shell game (pun entirely intended) moving […]

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  • Why Chicken Poo Bingo? Good Question

    “What have I done?” That’s the thought I get whenever I agree to drag our big-ass Chicken Poo Bingo board -with birds- to an event. To be fair, it’s work gathering everything from poultry to paper towels (used to “clear the board”) into the truck. Then driving to the location, knowing it’s an afternoon of […]

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  • Flock officially jazz wings over LFL

    There’s a chicken-themed Little Free Library in the Northland filled with books about diversity, equity, and accessibility? And it’s partnering with a local bookstore? — LoLa says, CLUCK YEAH! The flock is officially all jazz wings. Like everyone else, we at Locally Laid have been trying to think of ways to help during these times. […]

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  • Hard Boiling Fresh Eggs

    More people are getting their hands on just laid eggs – either from their own chickens, friends with more eggs than they need, farmer’s markets or commercial, local ones. The problem – Fresh eggs are harder to peel when hard boiled. This can make for less beautiful hard-boiled or deviled egg. Why? In a very fresh egg, […]

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  • Colorful Take on Deviled Eggs

      When you co-own Locally Laid Egg Company, people turn to you with high expectations. (Ok, I really wanted to put egg’spectations there but I refrained, mostly. kinda.) Fortunately, I know people. Foodie People who know how to make things. My friend, Sue Sailer of Perham, gifted my family some delicious pickled beets and suggested […]

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