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  • Hard Boiling Fresh Eggs

    More people are getting their hands on just laid eggs – either from their own chickens, friends with more eggs than they need, farmer’s markets or commercial, local ones. The problem – Fresh eggs are harder to peel when hard boiled. This can make for less beautiful hard-boiled or deviled egg. Why? In a very fresh egg, […]

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  • Colorful Take on Deviled Eggs

      When you co-own Locally Laid Egg Company, people turn to you with high expectations. (Ok, I really wanted to put egg’spectations there but I refrained, mostly. kinda.) Fortunately, I know people. Foodie People who know how to make things. My friend, Sue Sailer of Perham, gifted my family some delicious pickled beets and suggested […]

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  • Learning Marketing from a Chicken

    “So, Lucie…what are you up to?” I get that a lot. People want to know what I’ve been up to post book. And it’s a legitimate question. The answer is like me —a messy blur of things. Of course, I’ve worked with Jason and the whole LoLa team to open the berry wing of the operation: […]

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  • A Student asks, ‘Why Shop Local’ — well, that’s a fun question

    We have a lot of college students contacting us as they study agriculture or marketing or even writing. But today I heard from someone studying business and she dropped this question: Why is it important for locals to support small businesses as opposed to big chain stores? You’ve likely seen the memes about shopping local […]

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  • What Future Lu would tell naive Past Lu about Farmin

    Returning to 2012, I’d likely find us around the kitchen table. My husband, Jason, would be animated and engaged as he tried to jam together the rough-edged pieces for our pasture-raised egg farm, Locally Laid. Though less excited, I’d be equally animated: a dangling raw nerve looking over his shoulder. That’s because we weren’t putting together […]

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  • Paperbacks & Postcards

    I’ve known that the Locally Laid book was dropping in paperback on Tuesday, February 28th for a while, but even so — it’s rather snuck up on me. It was months ago that my lovely peeps at Penguin Random House were going back and forth on covers. And despite all you’ve heard about heartless big publishing […]

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