Frequently Asked Questions


A. A young laying hen on the verge of laying. One advantage to getting a pullet is one can start enjoying eggs right away.

A. Approximately 18 weeks old

A. $12.50 a bird for 10 birds and under. For orders over 10 birds, they will be $11.50 a chicken.

A.  Payment is available here. Payment must be made in advance.

A. Early May 2022 or until sold out.

Yes.  They are vaccinated for Salmonella, Newcastle Broncitis, Coccidia, and Mareks.

A. We’ll be giving you the number of birds you ordered. Unfortunately, you will not be able to select them.

A. Please leave your dog at home. Dogs and chickens don’t often mix well.

A. Hyline Browns. These are sex-link chickens and we have found that they are not only great layers of eggs, but fantastic foragers.

A. Not yet. Once you place your order we’ll contact you with the specific information.

A.  At our farm located at 852 Cemetery Road Wrenshall, MN 55797

A. For a small number of birds, a dog crate works great. It’s important that the birds are put into a container(s) with a removable lid.

A.  The truck dropping off the birds is only at the farm for a brief amount of time and we have no place to store your chickens before you arrive.

A. No they do not mix. They will hurt and injure each other.