With a simple cluck..er..click, you can help Locally Laid spread its pasture-raised message. The maker of our accounting software, QuickBooks is sponsoring a contest for a lucky small biz to get a free SuperBowl ad!

We wrote a short blurb (below) telling our story and hope to advance to the next round. Even if we aren’t selected the grand prize winner, there are many prizes that would greatly help us.

Voting is daily – so whenever you’re inspired by what we do, or bored at work, we hope you surf over and give Lola a little push to spread her wings. (Chickens aren’t known as great flyers, so she needs all the help she can get.)

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Link here, too.

Here’s our story blurb in a size you can read:

“A suburban-raised, 40-something guy with backyard chickens gets his position eliminated – twice. New plan: open a pasture-raised egg company. Its mission, produce Real Food while treating birds and the planet well. Now thousands of his hens exercise and forage on pasture. Why is it important to have an athletic chicken who eats salad? She’ll give you an egg with less cholesterol & fat, and more of the good stuff. Now the sassy startup is a success! Locally Laid is opening new farms across the Midwest & plants a tree with every delivery. We stand by our tagline: Local Chicks are Better.”

As always, we thank you for all your support.