Free the Chickens, Chick-ago style

 We’re head-over-chicken toes that Locally Laid is now in Chicago

– and why you should be, too.


Our plucky pasture-raised egg company is now selling its local and tasty eggs in 45 locations — farm fresh, just 135 miles east of Chicago, in northern Indiana.

In addition to believing Local Chicks are Better, Locally Laid has three core values:

  • Hens need to forage and exercise on pasture for a healthier bird and a healthier eggs, (studies prove that pasture-raised eggs have less fat & cholesterol and more of the good stuff, like Omega 3s).

  • Food is best if produced and sold as closely as possible to reduce food miles,

  • As environmentalists, we plant a tree with every delivery and our ladies eat non-GMO corn.

indiana chickens2

Locally Laid chickens foraging in Middlebury, IN

These values work against the current industrialized food system. Most of what Americans eat travels some 1,500 to 2,000 miles from farm to fork, according to the Worldwatch Institute.

And egg production has long gone to a consolidated factory model. That means 92% of all commercial laying hens in the U.S. are in battery cages. Most of the remaining 8% are “cage-free,” and while better than confined, these birds never go outside and are packed into warehouses by the hundreds of thousands.

Why free chickens?

Because chickens are omnivores. More than anything they enjoy finding a good worm or sweet shoot of grass. Indeed, if chickens had lips, bugs would put a big smile on them. Plus they’re salad freaks, too. Spend a few minutes at our farm and you’ll see the power of a couple hundred chickens and their ability to mow down a paddock of fresh grass.

This free bird doesn’t just give you a happier chicken, but a healthier one, too. And a healthier bird will lay a healthier egg, says this scientific study.

This kind of pasture rotation simply can’t be done with the warehouse sizes of Big Ag – often some 300,000 birds in an expansive buildings. Our Locally Laid eggs are MICRO-BROOD’d from small flocks so they may enjoy instinctual behaviors like roosting and dust bathing.eggs

Additionally, we know that the Earth is a fragile thing. That’s why we are passionate about driving down our CO2 impact by planting a tree with every delivery, have solar panels on our Indiana barn and use non-GMO corn in all our hen’s diet.

And the eggs from our pasture-raised hens? We think their strong, tasty yolks and whites that cook up tall speak for themselves. But don’t take our word for it.

Locally Laid eggs are available NOW at:


  • Angelo’s Fresh Market (multiple locations)
  • Big Apple Finer Foods, Chicago
  • Brookhaven Market (multiple locations)
  • Berkot’s (multiple locations)
  • D&D Finer Foods, Evanston
  • Familia Fresh Market Downers Grove
  • Fairplay (multiple locations)
  • Fiesta Market (multiple locations)
  • Garden Fresh Market (multiple locations)
  • Garden Gourmet Market, Chicago
  • Happy Foods, Chicago
  • Harvestime Foods, Chicago
  • Island Foods, Island Lake
  • Jerry’s Fruit & Garden, Niles
  • Market Place on Oakton, Skokie
  • Municipal Foods, Chicago
  • Piatto Pronto, Chicago
  • Produce World (multiple locations)
  • Rico Fresh, Chicago
  • Rich’s Deli & Liquor, Chicago
  • Rogers Park Fruit Market, Chicago
  • Sunset Foods (multiple locations)
  • Tony’s Finer Foods (multiple locations)
  • Treasure Island (multiple locations)
  • Valli Produce (multiple locations) – coming soon
  • World Fresh Market, Chicago


  • Al’s, LaPorte
  • S & D Market, Winamac
  • Strack & Van Til (multiple locations in IN)
  • Tysen Family Market, DeMotte