And…We Wait

After the whipped up frenzy of clicks to get LoLa on TV, now…(gasp)…we wait.

The Intuit /Quickbooks people, hosts of the contest, will narrow the field from  30,000 to 20. I don’t envy their task.

We’ll find out if LoLa made it to this elite semi-final round on October 28th.


After that, Intuit Global Employees will choose a Final Four by November 1st – and contestants notified by the week of November 4th.

But no matter what happens, this contest has been great for LoLa. We’ve spread the word of Real Food, Sustainable Ag and Environmental Stewardship to lots of folks who’ve never heard about the benefits of pasture.

And that’s not only good for us, it’s good for small-to-mid sized farmers everywhere.

We truly are humbled by your enthusiasm. It was the kind of dedication that not only kept a chicken high in the rankings, we were often just behind the NORML folks, a fine organization that’s been around for 40 years! Really, we’ve been blown away.

All this tells us that America is hungry for Real Food – and that’s made us very, very hopeful about the future.

Thank you to everyone who clicked, shared, hung a poster and told a friend. You’ve given a flightless bird incredible loft – and we’re incredibly grateful.