So…did you win that commercial?


Football’s Biggest Game? Put a bird on it.

I get this question everyday and depending where I am, multiple times a day. It doesn’t bother me. In fact, when it comes, I know I’m talking to someone who’s cared enough to vote –probably  a lot. It’s a nice to tell folks, in person, much we appreciate it. I always say, “Thanks for asking” and I mean it.


We’re going to New York City!

But to answer the question…we will find out about the commercial at the end of the month, January 31st …IN NEW YORK CITY!

Our Intuit friends are flying us out to the Big Apple for a few days to make the announcement. And yeah, we’re pretty excited. Farmers don’t take many vacations, especially from start-up farms.

We’re even going to wash the chicken poo off our shoes before we go. It’s that fancy.

Are we nervous? Well…yeah. We’d want nothing more than to win this commercial for our outstanding community & far-off friends. Everyone has worked so hard. You may recall the outpouring of support we got: VoteLoLa notices on pizza boxes, at check outs, on store marquees, lawn signs, online and print ads, a RALLY –even a billboard.lolasign


I met someone at a party last night who said she saw our crew of over 20 supporters out that bitter rally morning. Seeing all that enthusiasm, she said, made her teary.

I get that. Imagine how we feel?


Pasture-raised eggs

I’d also love to bring it home for sustainable agriculture everywhere. I mean, how often do you see an unprocessed, raised with love FARM PRODUCT on the Big Game?

And to get America talking about what they eat and where it comes from gives me goosebumps.

But, we wait.

new barn

Our new barn, over Jason’s shoulder. We think it needs a giant LoLa logo.

Fortunately, we’ve had plenty to keep us busy. The day before Thanksgiving, we moved LoLa and her poultry pals to our NEW FARM. It’s just a couple miles from the one we rented, but has the amenity advantage of permanent  structures.

This means that LoLa has a real barn. During this Polar Vortex -23 degree nightmare, our birds didn’t suffer. (They’ve been bored, so we’ve been entertaining them with sand baths and fresh sprouts, but they weren’t out in the elements. For that, we’re incredibly grateful.)bath

I (that’s Lucie) have also been revising a book-length work to finish my MFA in Writing program. It’s about starting Locally Laid and has the working title, Playing Chicken. And like you, I’m waiting to fill in the details of the last chapter.

I’ll admit to some nerves about the trip. It gets me on the treadmill trying to outrun the squirrel living in my chest. I mean, what if we don’t win? Well, Farmer Jason said it best in an interview with Twin Cities Business.

Intuit PTB Final 4 Duluth

Bill Rancic, an incredibly good sport that cold, muddy day at Locally Laid Egg Company

“When a private jet lands at the Duluth airport, limousines and Escalades roll up to your farm in Wrenshall, and out tumble videographers and Bill Rancic, the winner of the first season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice—you’ve already won,” says Amundsen. “The rest is gravy.”

And really, thanks for asking.