LoLa goes to…Little Rock? Most days my email box is filled with mundane things like the weeks’ egg washing schedule and updates from my writing/marketing clients. And other days, you open a message inviting you to be a William J. Clinton Distinguished Guest Lecturer at his School of Public Service in Little Rock to talk agricultural economics at the Clinton Presidential Center.choctaw-night

go to site On a stage that has hosted 40 ambassadors, 6 Nobel Laureates, 9 former heads of nations there will soon be… a Minnesota chicken farmer. (You can live stream the talk on November 17th at 6pm Eastern /7pm Central time at I read the email. Then I re-read the email.

go What gets me really excited is this will be an opportunity to get all geeky wonky. When I speak, I always brush on the positive social & economic impact of Locally Laid’s model – in between stories of our pratfall into agricultural and farm startup horror story. But to be asked to talk about the stressed agricultural segment of Middle Agriculture has me swoon-y.الخيارات-الثنائية-التداول-المالية-إشارات-Ø§Ù„Ø£Ø±Ø In our industry, size matters. Locally Laid is made up of 7 mid-sized farms, and we’re practically an endangered species with huge vertically integrated agribusiness taking over the industry. Between 1997 and 2012 the number of these not-too-big, not-too-small types of operations declined by 18 percent.

enter site adlocaleco3 When mid-sized operations go away, it doesn’t just affect one family, it dings all the regional Ag industry, like grain mills, feed stores, processing plants, and farm jobs.This matters for a lot of reasons, but especially to the ten million Americans living in rural poverty. That’s nearly one-quarter of the nation’s impoverished.

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Buying local is all the rage — which is great. But when a company sources, processes and sells within a region one call see a swirl of economic activity with tangible, material results.  ovni rencontre 3 type One of our partner farmers was able to BUY the land he’d rented for years, partially based on his Locally Laid contract. This will have a generational difference in his family and community. The thought gives me goosebumps and can make me a wee weepy — and just reinforces the unexpected power of poultry.


2016 Midwest Choice Award in Nonfiction

2016 Midwest Choice Award in Nonfiction

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