Big News for a Little Bird

It’s one thing to say, “Imagine if our message of hens on pasture was on a national stage.” It’s quite another to be waiting, weak-kneed, in the wings of said stage …because Holy Gallus Domesticus! LoLa made it to the Small Business Big Game Top 20! 

Here’s our video announcement kindly shot by Happy Tree Productions who didn’t even know if we’d get to use it or not. We’re so happy their hard work wasn’t wasted.

(Video trivia: Why is Jason laughing so hard? He was scripted to start singing LoLa by the Kinks, but as Jason started the bird he was holding wanted no part of it. Guess she didn’t like his singing.)

Being selected out of a field of 15,000 small businesses to be one of 20 in serious consideration for a Super Bowl ad is…breathtaking. For a smallish farm to get this kind of attention is a signal that the country is ready for a serious conversation about where its food comes from and how it’s produced. We’re proud to be part of that discussion.

We’re also truly in awe of all who clicked everyday, shared our links and talked us up with friends and neighbors. You’re the reason LoLa made it so much farther than we ever expected.

What now? 6,000-ish employees of Intuit whittle down the Top 20 to the Final Four. We will find out the results on or around November 4. If Locally Laid is one of them, then we’ll have three weeks of voting from November 11 to December 1. The winner is determined solely by votes.


Thanks for joining us on this wonderful, wild, slightly scary adventure.

Now in a couple of hours, Farmer Jason will be off to deliver eggs,  because at the end of the day, it’s about getting people Real Food.

And one last time – thanks for your part in making LoLa a Top 20 hen.